Private Tours

Private Tours are the best option for groups of 10 or more.

Throughout the years, The Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour has carried private groups of 10 to 50 people from international language schools, companies, universities, leisure travelers, Travel trade and more. We are now offering the possibility of alternative ending locations and excellent supper options. Please send us your Private Tour request to and we'll let you know all the possibilities and prices.

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Why Should I book a Private Tour?


1) Exclusivity

Booking a Private Tour means that your group will experience the award winning tour with their own duo of actors. There will be no regular customers and all the attention will be focused on you and your group.


2) Tailored Schedules and Routes

The private tour option allows you to choose a specific start time that fits well with your group's schedule. We also offer the possibility of adapting the start or end locations of the tour, in order to make the best arrangements for your schedule in Edinburgh.


3) Travel Trade partnerships

For travel trade companies, such as DMC's and tour operators, we offer a wide range of advantages, including:
- Discount rate in individual tickets
- Different payment methods
- Easy booking 
- Fam Tours offers
- Private room booking for Literary Suppers

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