FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help you with any questions about the Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour.
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Where does the tour start?

Tour starts in Grassmarket, outside the Beehive Inn pub, near the large Literary Pub Tour sign.

Is there a discount for paying online?

The price of a standard ticket falls from £10 to £8.5 while a student ticket falls from £8 to £7. The higher prices apply if buying tickets at the door.

Is it possible to pick up snacks on the tour?

All the pubs sell the usual crisps and nuts. See our section on special literary lunches and suppers.

Does the ticket price include the cost of any drinks?

Unfortunately not! You are not Scottish are you??

Is there a discount for pensioners?

Unfortunately Not

Can I pay by credit card?

Only for internet booking or for lunch and supper packages.


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