The Ensign Ewart


The Ensign Ewart is named after Charles Ewart, who, single-handedly captured the standard of the famous French Invincibles at the Battle of Waterloo, and it's the nearest pub to Edinburgh Castle, Scotland's premier tourist attraction. It's also a landmark stop for our tour since the early days!

The Ensign offers a huge amount of character in a building which in part (the cellars) can be dated back to 1603, and which has stood on Lawnmarket (one of the differently named streets that together make up the "Royal Mile") resembling its current form since 1690. Smokey, smooth and everything inbetween, their extensive range of malt whiskys are not to be missed! Enjoy one of their hugely popular traditional ales or indulge in a cold lager, a ciders, a fine selection of wine, spirits and a host of soft drinks.



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