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Update: October 2021

Like so many of our colleagues in the tourism sector across the world, we have been knocked for six by The Covid Pandemic, as have our partners in hospitality and pubs. Whilst the tour itself has been temporarily stalled, we remain positive and are currently using this time to both improve our tour content and communication systems, including the development of a new website and App. I would hope that our new site will be up and running by November 2021, when all the up to date information regarding future tours will be made readily available.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to welcoming you back on to The Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour in the very near future.

Best wishes, Morris Paton, Managing Director.


The original Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour!

The award winning Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour was the first literary tour launched in Edinburgh in 1996! Since then it has carried in excess of 150,000 satisfied customers on a dramatic literary trail across Edinburgh. It is regarded by many as a pioneer in its field, and a "Must-see" cultural attraction in guide books throughout the world. Why does it stand out from all the rest?

Performed by professional actors, not academics or guides reciting from books, it represents great value for money and a very high entertainment factor!

Join the intrepid duo, Clart (as in muck!) and our clean-hankied intellectual McBrain, who will lead you on a brilliant and witty dramatic romp through the wynds, courtyards and pubs of Edinburgh's Old and New Town. A hilarious duel of wits across three hundred years of great writing and colourful characters!


Experience the ultimate pub tour!

TripExpert's awards are based on over 1 million reviews from 85 leading travel guides, magazines and newspapers. Professionals recognize the Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour as among the best attractions in Edinburgh. In fact, the great news is that we've won a 2019 Experts Choice Award! Fewer than 2% of attractions worldwide have received an Experts’ Choice award. How good is that!

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